October 1, 2009

Sketchy : Give good

I'm the happiest aunt ever. I spent Sunday to Tuesday at my bro's place in the Hunter Valley playing with my little niece and gardening with my sis-in-law. Sunshine and mulberries, she's so cute! My sis-in-law and niece stayed with us last night and I'm about to have morning tea with them. Perhaps later when they head back to the country I might get some work done. In the mean time, I wanted to share these divine pics with you.

I love Shelli's - aka Studio Mela - work. Her illustrations are fresh, spunky and a whole lotta beautiful. I wish I had the innate ability to work with colour, but alas, I don't know much. I just work with what I love and hope it all goes together. I also wish I had the ability to not procrastinate, but that's another kettle altogether.

Back to Shelli... you should head here if you want to see more of her illos, here to check out her blog and here to see some cute and colourful mini cards.

Pics from top down: Hello Sunshine, So Very Happy, Curiosity and Give Good