September 15, 2009

Multitalent : Sweet 'n' whimsical

Well hello again sweet things, sorry I disappeared for a week. Tre busy here at chez frankie, lots to do and so little time to indulge. (Missed you too.)

There's something so sweet and whimsical about these photographs and drawings. They're soft and fun and I like 'em a lot. They're by Blake at elle.bee in sunny South Florida. Here's the low-down on Blake...

How did you come up with the name of your shop?
The name of the store is elle.bee because some of the artwork is my twin sisters and her name is Lauren and mine is Blake so we took the first letters of our name.

What & who inspires you?
I am inspired by everything around me. I take inspiration from my family and friends. They are usually the ones to encourage me on what to paint next. Painting is probably my favorite of all the arts. I find it very peaceful and a release from the world. I prefer to use acrylic paint, you can never make a mistake, but this goes for all art... I guess. I am going to dabble in more watercolor i think.

What music do you listen to?
I love old music!!!! I grew up listening to classic rock! I'm a huge Beatles fan. Okay a little obsessed! Not like posters, pins, and pens kind of obsessed. More like the music and lyrics and life of them.
Lately I have been listening to and digging people like Etta James, Al Green, and Billy Holiday. AND from our time I have really been enjoying Adele. Her music is so smooth, (listening to her as I type this).

Pics from top down: I want to ride my Bicycle, Pastel 3, Enter and Pastel 1.

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  1. ^^ nice pictures with... a yellow little duck ^-^