September 2, 2009

Snapshot : Beautiful decay

You know a movie is something special when it sits with you for a while. Last night we saw such a movie: Beautiful Kate, directed by Rachel Ward, and it was amazing. Shot in Adelaide and the Flinders Ranges of South Australia, starring Ben Mendelsohn, Bryan Brown and Rachel Griffiths, as well as a few newcomers that will light up the screen again and again, it was quietly romantic, unusual and simply stunning. Ben blew me away, as did newbie Sophie Lowe, and the breathtaking mountainous surrounds, wildlife soundtrack and languid pace.

These amazing pics by Carrie Becker remind me of the set of the film. Cracked, old, weary, mysterious and full of stories. Here's Carrie...

What inspires you?
It's the natural, subtle colour palettes that I see everyday that inspires me.

When did you start playing with cameras?
I began photography as a freshman in college in 1996.

What's your favourite subject to photograph?
I really enjoy documenting "beautiful decay", and/or desolate, isolated spaces.

Pics from top down: Two Chairs in Blue Room, Drawer Fronts with Crackled Paint, Haven Modern Motel - Living Room and Storage Shed Interior.

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