September 22, 2009

Sketchalot : Fun-loving bohemians

I've been watching seeds sprout and I can't even explain how exciting it is to have a vegie garden in its early stages... in our backyard! We've got parsley, capsicum, chilli, tomatoes, snow peas, butter beans, green beans, rocket, cucumber, baby carrots and spring onion so far. Thrilling! One day I'll make a salad from it all and that'll be super delicious.

Speaking of fresh, how ace are these illos by Vanessa, aka Inkblot? I like Vanessa from sunny Brighton. It appears we have a few things in common: jogging, red nail polish, pistachio ice cream, polar bears, math... but enough about the sisterhood, here's Vanessa in her own words...

What's to love about Brighton?
Brighton is the kind of place where 'anything goes', it is truly bohemian and has a thriving creative culture. The combination of the multicultural, fun-loving, friendly inhabitants, the huge community of artists and the sea and fresh air is extremely inspiring indeed. I have grown up here and love it. Also all the museums and shops in London are only a short train journey away.

Who inspires you?
My family inspires me. My siblings are all ambitious and hard-working and very encouraging and supportive of my achievements, talents and goals. I particularly admire people who have become successful from having nothing and coming from poor backgrounds and working their way up by sheer hard work and determination.

There are also many Etsy artist/designers that inspire me. I think the work of Betsy Walton is incredible, it makes me feel like I am dreaming, it is so weird and beautiful. I came across Art and Ghosts recently, which is also amazing, dark and beautiful. I love the work of Brandi Strickland for her unusual and vibrant collages.
(PS Brandi was featured on Cloudburst Beauty back in April... for the interview go here).

Any hidden talents?
I do not have many 'exciting' hidden talents... I think I must put all my energy into my art and design! If I had to find some things, I would say that I think I can run quite fast, have an A-Level in Maths, am an experienced skier and am extremely good (read competitive:-)) at Pictionary and usually on the winning team!

Favourite blogs?
I absolutely love and also (especially the 'Sneak Peeks'), I have only recently got into reading blogs and have spent more time reading through the archives of these than finding new ones but I know there are loads of cool blogs just waiting to be found! I love yours for a start, so I will have to add it to my list! (Thanks so much V!).

Illos from top down: Teacup, Bloom, Lovebird and Leaf.

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