April 2, 2009

Talentcomp : Boldly go

Stranded in a cafe the other day, waiting for the rain to pass, I became mesmerised by a flannel shirt in front of me. It was buttoned to a very hippish young lady with ray bans and uber skinny jeans. Now normally I would dismiss such a material straight away, but somehow (was there a sharp blow to the head I can't remember?) I got to thinking about art. This chicken was so confident in her style, anything would have worked. She could have worn a rainbow muppet poncho and I wouldn't have blinked.

There I was scrolling through these bold works by Brandi Strickland on etsy. And I'm thinking, they're bright, personal, fun, story-telling pieces of art. They stop you in your tracks. They're beyond confident in what they are, and they get you thinking, like a belted flannel in the city.

Brandi has a large net she throws to the world. And the reason she's an artist is because "it's the only thing broad enough to hold all my interests under one roof. I can explore nature, science, literature, psychology, communication, and spirituality, all in a days work."

Her work "explores the connection between nature and technology; the universe’s beauty and mystery, coupled with man’s desire to explain and understand it." You can see this playing out in the collage/paintings featured above, (clockwise from top left) Intuition, Parachute, Mountain Brothers and Red Mountain.

Mesmerised by the whiplash of colour? Find more at her paper whistle shop: paperwhistle.com

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