April 18, 2009

Talentcomp : An ideal world

I'm no bunny whisperer, nor am I gifted with any kind of special understanding of the animal kingdom, but I'm pretty sure foxes and bunnies shouldn't be together in the same box. It's like inviting an Italian friend to a French restaurant, or wearing white velour trackies around your emo friends. It's dangerous. You just don't do it.

Estonian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Kristiana Pärn may come close to artistic carnage - innocently painting floppy ears and red pointy tails with the same brush - but thankfully she never puts them in the same frame. The understated and gorgeous prints above (clockwise from top left: Skinny-Dipping, Solitude,
Where Are You Fox and Follow Your Heart) are all made from original acrylic illustrations. Kristiana made the originals to "study different techniques for making an impression of light and air," she says. "The background was created by applying colored pigment on damp board, then objects were drawn with sharp outlines and bright colors to create depth of field." Just beautiful.

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