April 7, 2009

Talentcomp : Hey petal

I've started to paint again recently, something I haven't done for years. I'm painting big, lush flowers on a small canvas and enjoying it so much. Isn't it funny, as soon as you start to work on something in so much detail, everywhere you look there are flowers waving at you in the breeze, begging you to drink in their colours and quirks.

pollyjarman is a Perth-based photographer and artist who loves the flowers and their quirks too. Her Cream Magnolias painting above (bottom left) is such an understated flourish, while her Flower on a Fence pic is so random and vintagie, I love it! Swings at the Beach is something I'd love to cover my fridge with, to make me smile every time I pass by and Hey little birdy is too cute for words.

Check it: pollyjarman.etsy.com

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