April 17, 2009

Shopfind : Rockin' robin

Last year I stumbled across these divine collages by Bird Nerd on Etsy. I was so in love with Chelsea's designs that I bought a set of her Sakura Collection to use as thank-you cards. Six months has passed and no-one has received a Bird Nerd card from me because they're just so beautiful. I can't bear to give them away. Sorry peeps. (Get your own).

"My collages aren't traditional, I call them painting with paper," says Chelsea. "I paint the majority of my background with acrylic paint, then cut out paper leaves individually to create foliage. I then compose a bird from carefully trimmed layers of paper and accent it with ink and paint details. I like using paper in my work for many reasons: it adds texture and depth, I like vibrant pattern and crisp edges, and often papers have small flaws which add character to a piece." Nice!

If flaws add character, I must be one heck of a bird.

also makes and sells glass pendants, pins, stickers, ornaments, tea towels and prints (above). Clockwise from top left: Swallow Nouveau, Fat Chat, Escape III and Mod Nuthatch

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