April 27, 2009

Talentcomp : Colour me calm

Phew. Today was busy. Busier than most days in the wonderful world of magazine making. So I'm having a calm evening with the hubby. Roast chicken, lemon and honey tea and pastels. I tried the bold thing around our house a few years back and realised (before it extended to the big items thankfully) that bold is not for me. Oh no. Colour and I now have a perfect understanding - it's pastels all the way. I breathe deeper that way. It's a good thing.

Check out the fabulous work above by Mara at Printspace. She's a Melbourne-based illustrator and graphic designer who has a clear obsession with birds and love (snap!... plus we share the same fave colour, olive green, and she's *gasp* addicted to home magazines). Anyway, enough about soul-sisters, this woman is talented. The works above are hand drawn in ink, coloured digitally and printed by an epson on soft white art paper. You can also find her new stationery shop here and her cute blog here. So much love!

Giclee prints clockwise from top left: Sweet Too, Hoot. Hoot. Little Owl, Love is Bigger Than All Of Us and Hello Coco.

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