April 28, 2009

Birdinhand : Tears of joy

I get excited easily about lamb roasts, good wine, funny friends, warm autumn days, really nice tea, vanity fair arriving in the mail and impromptu dinners in newtown. I also get really excited about art and I never knew how fun it could be to blog about it. I love finding pieces with common threads that are - at a glance at least - so incredibly different. Like the works above, they appear worlds apart to everything else I've found, but they have so much in common. Hello birds! Hello originality! Hello gorgeousness!

The uber-talented and sweet Madeleine Stamer - creator of Little Circus Design - has a new exhibition in Melbourne beginning May 2nd that I'm really excited about.
Here's a bit about her:

When do you feel most creative?

With a very active two and a half year old and an 18 week old baby it’s more like ‘when can I be creative!’ and the answer to that is when I should be sleeping… Like most artists I have sporadic bursts of creativity during unusual moments such as in the deep of the night, while I’m feeding baby, driving the car and I’m constantly daydreaming about what I could be making but I have trained myself to resist the urge and wait until the coast is clear of little tackers. When the little girls are sleeping during the day that’s when I knuckle down and get busy with my art.

What is it about birds?

Since I can remember I have always been fond of feathered creatures.

It goes right back to associating sights and sounds of birds with a particular experience or a pleasant memory. More often than not these memories are fond recollections of the past. I recall precious moments walking with my dad in magical bushland listening with him to the dreamy call of the bellbirds.

My dad taught me how to listen properly to the different bird calls and to appreciate the different breeds and all their little idiosyncrasies. When I was young I watched birds, I drew birds, I pretended to be them and I listened to them, I could distinguish a warning from a pleasant morning greeting. We were blessed to live in a special pocket of town. We had a natural creek flowing at the end of our street with beautiful native plants and sweet smelling gums. It attracted many breeds of native birds. For many years my best friend was my pet duck Fergus who often ventured down to the creek with me waddling by my side with our two loyal dogs always on the look out for cats who were ready to pounce.

Who’s your favourite artist?

Such a hard question to answer… Here are my top 10 influences: Children’s author Dick Bruna, Gaudi, Chagall, Lady Pink, Mirka Mora, José Guadalupe Posada, Hieronymus Bosch, Vaughn Bode, Stig Lindberg and Niki de Saint Phalle.

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