March 24, 2009

Talentcomp : Urban inspiration

I've always wanted to sing jazz in a smoky club, cook pork to perfection and have some kind of knack with photography. And it's the camera, not the pig, that annoys me the most. I just don't know what I'm doing. Even if all my fish were in one barrel, I still wouldn't get the shot.

I recently stumbled across Lucia Fischer on, a fellow Sydney girl who sells exceptionally cute recycled cards (luciandesigns). Apparently, these "bits and bobs" started when she discovered her late uncle's secret library of collage work. And she casually mentions she's a photographer. Well. Curiosity gets this cat every time.

So I leg it to, flip through her flicks, and come across the holga diaries. It's a relaxed tribute to the Holga camera, love it or hate it, that lives in Lucia's handbag. I vote for the dodgy plastic lens every time, especially when you get moments like the ones above. Music for the eyes. Thanks Lucia.

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  1. And a star danced. Stellar blog. Shine on. Bella. xo