June 24, 2009

Designtreat : Following threads

I've inherited quite a lot from my mum, including a way of never really knowing where I'm going with a conversation. I'll get half way through a story and think "whoa four people are listening... what the hell was my point?" It gets even worse with jokes. I used to pay mum out all the time about forgetting the punch line, but guess what? Jokes on me.

When I saw the elegant, typewriter-chic Flocked Ampersand Cushion above, by Shannon Lamden, aka Aunty Cookie, I laughed. Not at it, mind you. At moi. It made me think of the way my friends say the same thing when I've finished waffling... "AND?" Ha. Perhaps I should scatter some around to remind myself to stick to the point. Not sure I'm capable (after all, it's genetic), but anyhoo, I could get cool and get shopping at the Cookie shop...

Shannon is a freelance designer based in Melbourne, specialising in fabric design and illustration. All fabrics are professionally heatset and are a superlush linen/cotton blend. The gorgeous wintery fabric above is Home Sweet Home linen in Raspberry on Birch. Sweet.

Look... they're holding hands: In the Garden in Pink, Lime and White.



  1. These are awesome picks! Too funny though, sometimes I have the same problem about forgetting where I was going with a story - especially if I'm talking to more than 2 people!! :)

  2. Thank goodness I'm not alone! Ha!