June 25, 2009

Plaything : Crush me happy

I've decided there are two types of celebrities I'm fascinated by. First, there are the phenomenally talented, über charismatic, compellingly good looking people who you can't help but want to get to know. I'm nowhere near obsessed, just curiously curious. I have a few celebrity crushes in this arena, like Clive Owen and Simon Baker. Mmmm they're special. Twiggy Lawson (above) had her own quiet way of captivating the world... so ethereal.

The other type is the person who makes a difference in the world and you come to get to know them through celebrity channels. Like Harvey Milk (above) or Princess Diana. The world is enriched by their lives... yes that's totally different from making blockbusters but you see my point. It's in there somewhere.

Now let me introduce you to Christian & Hallie, aka, Autumn&Eve, the Pittsburgh-based, super fabulous creators of the designs on this page. Here's a line from their Etsy profile page: "We're in the business of good looks and illustration." Do you love it? It made me smile. As did the pic of the deliriously lovely Isabella Rossellini (above) and Audrey Tautou (below). Sigh.

Here's a bit about Christian & Hallie:

What makes you laugh?
So many things. We have the weirdest sense of humor. Most people think we're crazy.

Who inspires you?
Pretty much everyone that we do a portrait of inspires us one way or another.

What's the best feedback you've had on your work? We love all of the positive feedback that we get, but our favorite was when someone said this about us, "This is the best seller I have ever had a transaction with on Etsy... All [their] responses were very quick and helpful... the prints were not damaged during transport. Thanks so much!"

Need more good looks and smiles? Want a custom-made order of your grandma? Go here: autumnandeve.etsy.com

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