June 11, 2009

Screenprincess : Take it with you

Cute. Seriously cute. I love me some cuteness. I love these colours! The randomness really appeals to me - the gun, key and bike seem, like many designs I've found, to come from nowhere. While the tree, tour eiffel and birdie branch are just clever and lovely and homey. I'm not a gun fan, could never have them in my home in any shape or form, but something about this one makes me smile. Like a bad Western on a Sunday afternoon.

Meet Sissy, creator of Two Poodle Press. She's created these marvellous prints from sunny San Diego, California... a place I'd love to visit again. Soon. Here she is...

I first started in design in high school, laying out the school paper and designing zines and stuff.
Travel is the number-one source of inspiration for me, I get so many ideas when I see new places!

How incredible is this quote (from the movie It's A Wonderful Life). Too true.

Prints in top pic, clockwise from top left: Vintage Bicycle, Vintage Key Welcome Sign, Bang Bang Vintage Pistol, Vintage Inspired Mod-Bird and Flowers, Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower and Peachy.
Pic above: Inspirational Vintage Film Quote in Greige.



  1. :D I was just passing by randomly and I chanced upon your blog! I love your posts ^^

  2. hi! Just dropping by! have a nice day! :-)

  3. Thanks Kriz, very sweet of you to say so.
    Cheers icedgirl, you have a brilliant day yourself..