June 13, 2009

Frankiestyle : The world according to moi

Ahhh, Saturday morning. They used to be so rushed, especially if the sun was out. Get up early, go for a jog avec dog, make a big breaky, wash dishes, clean kitchen & bathroom, wash seven loads of laundry, shop for groceries, put on a slow roast for dinner, play on computer, call Mum... by the time I relaxed the sun had set.

These days I have the leisure of cleaning the house during the week, so Saturdays are much freer. Today I went for a stroll through Newtown, sipping a flat white, listening to Lenka on my iPod, shopping for fisherman's pants and padlocks. Upon returning to my (clean) terrace, I decided to flip through my favourite sites and blogs and soon I'm going to chill with my new Vanity Fair. We're out for dinner somewhere local tonight, so I don't have to worry about cooking or cleaning and it's so LOVELY.

Now it has occurred to me how much I ADORE learning about other people's fave blogs and sites, so today's post is about me and my faves. Here are my daily hits of inspiration and smiles:

Firstly, who can go past The Sartorialist. I'm no fashionista, but I so love looking at the most fashionable people in the world. It serves me much better than fashion mag as it's real people (ok most of them could be models, but they're not they're just super fab) wearing their most elegant/quirky/divine outfit of the day. I'm always inspired by their colour combos or even a cute hairdo.

Pic above: Style Profile... Sofia Hedstrom, NYC
Pic below: On the Street......Blue & White, Governor's Island

Next I head to another extreme of fashion: the hilarious girls at Go Fug Yourself. Honestly, they are beyond incredible. They deconstruct outfits and celeb insanity without overdosing on nasty gossip, and often leave me in tears. And craving twinkies. You just have to go there.

This is Jenna Jameson, former adult film star/entrepreneur extraordinaire. Ha. Tragedy. Need more? gofugyourself.celebuzz.com

Following the fashion frenzy, I check out what's happening in New York. Joseph O. Holmes started joe's nyc in 2004. His daily shots of NYC are so perfect and stunning and unique, I feel like I'm there for just a second. This shot is delightful. The colours, the light... joesnyc.com

For a hit of interiors, I pop into The Selby. These aren't just any homes, these are how the cooler half live. Some are slightly extravagant, some rock n roll and other messy chic. Together, they're raw and fun. All shots are by Todd Selby, I dig his style. theselby.com

The latest post is Jon Liu and Laura Rule at home in London, and these are two shots by Todd at their place.

When I'm done there, I skip through a few other blogs you see on the right here... lots of faves, so much inspiration, an abundance of creative people living their dreams and sharing it with the world.

Hope you're all having an amazing Saturday wherever you are. Soak it up any way you can x

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