June 10, 2009

Pageturner : Shady ladies

I'm listening to The Pretenders, feeling a bit rock n rollish today. So I've gone for some fittingly sexy prints for my post du jour. These black and white prints are by John Clark... here's a bit about him:

What gets you in a creative mood?
Drawing is very relaxing for me, almost meditative. I get in the mood to draw when I want to chill out.

What makes you laugh?
There's a few TV shows I can watch again and again and laugh every time. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Little Britain, Flight of the Concords, The Office, etc.
My girlfriend is pretty hilarious too.

What other creative outlets do you have?
I've been on again off again working on a graphic novel since I was fifteen. It will be epic if I ever finish it.

Brilliant, thanks John.


Prints, left to right, top to bottom: The Only Way, No Need for Gratitude, Without a Sound, That Divine Love, A Story of Your Own and A Thing So Simple.

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