June 6, 2009

Snapshot : The flower whisperer

'A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers
' (author unknown). I must be dreaming in full 3D colour... how beautiful is this bunch flowers? Amazing! This morning when I jumped onto Donna Geissler's Etsy page to collect a few pics for this post, I felt like a Supermarket Sweep contestant with 20 seconds on the clock in front of the candy aisle. I had to grab most of the flower pics and then I noticed how fabulous all her other shots were. That's right fans, Donna is no one-trick pony. Scroll with me as we learn about this talented photographer... Donna, over to you.

I first discovered that I loved photography in my last semester in college. I took an intro class in black and white photography and darkroom procedures. It became an immediate obsession. I used an old 35mm Nikon film camera with only manual settings and developed my film and prints in a wet darkroom. Although everything of mine is digital now, this beginning gave me true appreciation for art ... capturing a moment with your camera and watching it come to life right in front of your eyes... on paper. In this class, they taught much about composition. I realized that I might have some talent in photography as I received compliments on my images and questions on how I achieved or decided on certain composition. For me this came naturally - I would just keep changing positions of my camera until I saw it - then Click!

For years, I photographed my two dogs and son and got some great shots. But I have to say that my favorite subject is flowers. They don't run away or cry... and they stay very very still when you bring them indoors. They are perfectly behaved and beautiful subjects. Still finding the right angle can take some time. I have a black and white image of a Dahlia. I spent two full days trying to capture the best possible angle of this one flower. But I got it! This is the process that I love with floral photography - searching for the perfect angle and capturing it - forever.

I get bored with the same type of photography, so I use this creative energy to develop something new with my art. Right now, I'm having a wonderful time digitally mixing metallic paint with my photos. I love the texture and feel it gives. My sister took a look at this art and said, "Hmmm. That's kind of interesting." So maybe this look isn't for everyone. But that's what I love about art... Though I'm somewhat conservative...I can do whatever I wish. You hope that others may like it, but if they don't... I know that I got what I wanted - creating something!

Thanks Donna, love your work.

Top shot: 12 flowers from here
Other pics from top to bottom: Waiting, Summer Vacation and Waldo's Vacation

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