July 27, 2009

Layerlove : A beautiful mix

Happy is a Monday afternoon full of dandelion tea, Hershey's Kisses and winning eBay bids. Cue satisfied sigh. Speaking of winning, how ace are these mixed media prints? Super lovely Mindy Wilson from Montana cleverly throws together her pics, textiles, illos and digital influences to create these goodies. Cute and sweet and rustic and fabulously original...

Who inspires you?
I'm inspired by my friends and family and all creative people, really. I love when others share what they make with me, point me to their blog or bring something to show me. When someone is making, making, making I'm inspired to do the same. I'm also inspired by nature though that's not really a 'who' unless I'd said Mother Nature.

Birds, beautiful and funny looking, sound pretty and simply crazy little creatures, I love that I can draw them in so many different styles and they still get the chance to be called birds. Corny little birds like this one are most normal for my illustration style. I really haven't shared many images with this style of these on Etsy.
Fave blogs?
I love finding blogs with step by step images of various project that artists are working on. I love to find a beautiful mix of family images and projects too. Here is one example: Anna Maria Horner

I love this artist's creations... Feltcafe... the felting is amazing. I don't felt but, I am totally engrossed in her projects. Like these.

The Small Object is another fave.

The Farm Chicks (I was a vendor at one of their shows this spring) I'd also found a K I L L E R chocolate cake recipe in February and I think it made me gain 20 pounds, which I am just beginning to shed. whew.

Pics from top down: Morphee, Largo Nice Rack Distressed Large Lion Print, Striking Large Morphans, Jelly Bean Soup Funky Print and Vintage Wallpaper Inspiration Print.

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