July 22, 2009

Sketchalot : Bird, bike, boom and belonging

Today, my peeps, was delightful. It was so busy, but busy when you're freelancing has an underlying feeling of gratitude instead of stressiness. It was also warm. Real warm for mid-winter. I stopped by Bronte beach this morning - where I used to live... sigh - on the way to a shoot for a story I'm writing. I also ate burnt fig jam, honeycomb and caramel ice cream this afternoon in the sun. In between I was crazy busy dancing on this laptop, but tis all good.

Today's post, therefore, is all good and should make you feel like you've got a smile full of sunshine and a belly full of yum. Meet John W. Golden (you're already smiling at the name, aren't you?), a digital artist with a love of vintage and a handy knowledge of fun. Here's a couple fast facts about Mr John...
What's your earliest creative memory?
My earliest memory of drawing was a game a friend of mine and I used to play. We would draw tanks and airplanes and other military type stuff on pieces of paper. Then we would place a pencil point on one of our drawings. Using one finger on top of the pencil's eraser (to hold the pencil upright), you would flick the pencil point toward your opponent's drawings, resulting in a pencil mark "fired" from your drawing. If the pencil mark hit your opponent's drawing, they had to draw a scribble-y explosion on top of that drawing. The loser of the game was the first to run out of drawings.

Did you get in trouble for it?
I definitely got in trouble for it, as it was usually during school that we played the game.

What's your favourite magazine, book and blog?
I read Juxtapoz (mag), The Business of Holidays (book), and blog-wise, I follow AshleyG, The Black Apple and a dude named Matt Logelin.

Pics from top down: Belongs to You, Band Legged Blue Green Striped Bird Collage, Cycles per Second and Boom.
You know you want more: johnwgolden.etsy.com; jwgdesign.blogspot.com

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  1. wow, love your work! lol, and sounds like a fun game :P