July 29, 2009

Illohaven : Some kinda wonderful

I'm in awe of these illustrations by Mari Katogi. The illo above is the sweetest Little Red Riding Hood ever. It's so fresh and modern in a definite Japanese style.

And here we have the cheekiest Alice in Wonderland... I'd murder that pile of macaroons in a split second. Oops. Sometimes I confuse what's not real with cravings. Ahem. Next?

Hansel & Gretel on their way to nom their way through a candy house... Mmmm candy...

Alice through the looking glass...

This one is such a fave, I've saved it as my desktop background.What a talented artist, these are absolutely divine. Go here for more: mari.lomo.jp

Now I'm off to the beach!! I'm stopping only to pick up my friend C and her dog Ferris. Fish n chips here we come... xxx

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