July 2, 2009

Snapshot : Everyday beauty

Ok, so up to this point of my blog I have sung out constantly about my obsession with birds, cherry blossoms and laughter. Want more? Well it's not so astounding, but I'm also helplessly in love with tea and cheese. I drink about five cups of tea a day (Mariage Freres green, T2 chai and white and Ovvio herbal blends) and once upon a manic time I managed Simon Johnson stores - each has their own cheese room. I would get into work early and talk to the baby cheeses, tasting them to see how ripe they were and chopping of the nasty bits so they looked super delish. I would research how each one was made and how to extend it's delicate little fatty life. I still adore cheeses, five years after leaving the food scene, and enjoy throwing together a cheese platter more than I should. Sigh.

When I was on Etsy the other day, I saw this beautiful shot of berries (above), and daydreamed about covering an entire wall of my living room with it. To my lovely surprise, it's a photo by a super sweet woman called Meg, who has a shop called Tea & Brie Photography, named after her girls Thaya and Aubrie. Beautiful names, stunning photos and a craving for triple cream brie... ah it's a nice way to start a Thursday. Here's a few interesting things about Meg...

When did it start?
I remember taking pictures when I was little, and in high school/college I took it a bit more seriously, but at that time I wouldn't have considered it a passion. Like so many women photographers out there, I became much more serious about photography with the birth of my first daughter. 16 months later, with the birth of my second, I became officially obsessed with photography!

Who and what inspires you?
I think that "being present" in your life provides endless inspiration. By practicing the art of awareness, you are really able to see the beauty in every day things. Of course other photographers are a constant source of inspiration, and I spend a lot of time every day looking at photos on the web. But really, my inspiration comes from my every day life and those seemingly ordinary moments that I spend with my girls on a daily basis.

What gets you in a creative mood?
This is a tough one to answer! I think it is so easy to get wrapped up in our every day lives, and the "go go go" of having two little ones is almost inevitable. Sometimes just slowing down is a simple way to spark some inspiration and get the creative juices flowing. When I'm not photographing my girls or out on a shoot for business, the "constant change" of nature and the weather is enough to get me in a groove. It is amazing how different a flower can look over the span of a couple of hours!

from top down: Beauty Berries, Tulip, Cherry Blossoms, Spring Lace and Raspberries on Turquoise.
More: Teaandbrie.etsy.com

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