July 14, 2009

Pictureperfect : Sometimes I get the giggles

I had a super busy day yesterday, so busy that I slept brilliantly, but still woke exhausted. Being so out of it isn't fun, but this morning I rather enjoyed it. Out for a walk with my pooch, the air smelt fresher, the leaves looked crunchier and the flowers - what's left of them - looked sensational. I almost wish I had that kind of warped clarity every morning... but perhaps next time I'll take my camera and see if I can capture some of the lovliness.

Someone who most certainly knows how to capture a delightfully perfect moment is Amy of ara133photography... (Peeps please note the mention of shafts of light on a stormy day in the first answer, that's pro speak for cloudburst beauty)...

What's your fave subject to photograph?
I love trying to photograph sunlight, back lit flowers and weeds, and high contrast scenes (such as bright sunlight shining into the deep woods, or shafts of light on a really dark, stormy day). Those are subjects that just amaze me to the point that sometimes I just stand and stare at them... they're also the most difficult for me to photograph effectively! But I keep trying :)

What are you reading?
Usually I have more than one book that I'm reading at a time, especially if I'm rereading books (which I do frequently). And, sometimes I need an adventure to read at breakfast or lunch but something calmer for before bed! Right now I'm rereading 3 books - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Susan Cooper's the Dark is Rising (I have a penchant for children's books!), and Melissa Nathan's the Nanny. I'm also rereading Plant Physiology for my big PhD comprehensive exam coming up!

What makes you laugh?
My husband, The Office, the Shopaholic book series, and bedtime (sometimes I get the giggles before bed, everything seems funnier late at night somehow!)

Willow, Flourish, Sea Flower and On the Way to the Picnic.

More: ara133photography.etsy.com


  1. Awesome blog, lots of wonderful art to look at!! Thank you SO much for the feature!! :)

  2. Great questions! I like the "what makes you laugh" one especially. And I'm right there with Amy-- I can get some serious giggles when I'm suppose to be falling asleep. =)