July 10, 2009

Snapshot : Keep on going

It's been a while troopers... but nice to be back. I just visited Kuala Lumpur for a work thing and it was magic. The best part about Asia is always the people - they're such a genuinely happy lot. Many of us westerners are endlessly concerned with the unimportant and insubstantial... and for what? Joy comes from friends and family, if we put as much effort into our relationships as our hair we'd be deeply appreciative. (Or is that just me?) Anyhoo, enough preaching from the laptop, let's get on with the show...

I think these pictures alone could make me very happy. They're windows into nature, another source of endless bliss and comfort. The artist behind the beauty is Kim, a self-taught photographer from San Diego...

What makes you laugh? I love laughing, so I laugh quite a bit... but my favorite things that make me laugh are my boyfriend telling me a joke that only the 2 of us would get, my dog playfully bumping his nose into me & when I finally laugh he gets so excited (I swear he's cracking up!), and of course laughing with friends on a night out that you never want to end.

Who has been the biggest influence on your photography? I would have to say boyfriend, Kevin... he is always behind me 100% in whatever I do, and always keeps me going when I feel I'm just not getting anywhere. He pushes me to try ideas and is always trying to get me "out there" so people can see my work.

What's your favourite subject? I love shooting landscapes, nature, pretty much anything & everything... but my all time favorite subject would have to be wildlife! I love animals, so I could spend all my time photographing them if I could. However, since I don't have that opportunity as often as I like, my dog must suffer the consequences! I don't think he minds though... he now is so used to a camera in his face, he associates it with treats :)

Thanks Kim, I might just lie back and stare at the trees all afternoon, pretend I'm in Monterey or Santa Barbara again with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

More from Kim: kimberleyrose.etsy.com
Pics from top down: Dreaming Daisies, Tranquility and Always Look Up.


  1. thank you so much for such a great feature!!

    let me know when you want to lay back and stare at the trees all day, I'm available anytime :)

  2. Kim's work is beautiful. Nice to learn a little more about her on a personal level.
    Peace, Judi