July 16, 2009

Plaything : Ordinary absurdities

I think I've learned to accept Stuff. Like how many greys I have at such a young(ish) age. Or that my dog favours my hubby. It's true. (Perhaps I need to move on from 'acceptance girl' to 'crazy lady with pockets full of liver treats'). And how I can cook just about anything in the world... except rice. That I can't carry off bright clothes. Like perhaps my singing voice isn't as magical as it was when I was 20. (Ok it seems there needs to be a bit more work on this Issue). But I really, honestly have come to embrace winter. See, there are two kinds of people I know. The cold-weather peeps who would rather camp in July and hibernate in January, and the sun-worshippers who complain at the first drop of rain, are fully stocked with fake-tan (in case it gets banned or other such disaster) and are generally better off ignoring from early May to mid Sep. I have always been a sun bunny and would watch in horror as my husband (yes, kiwi-born snow bunny) revelled in the thought of roasts and crisp mornings.

But this year was different. Cold was fun. Maybe it's the early greys turning my brain fudgy. And don't worry, I'll still be loving summers forever... but check out these pics. Aren't they mid-winter perfection? Glass of red anyone?

They're by Sydney-based photographer Linda Kruger. Must be why I feel so at home and snuggly when I look at them. I'm in awe of Linda's techniques - the extra painting and layering - that's still subtle enough to let the original snapshot shine through. Here's some interesting stuff about Linda...

What inspires you?

Inspiration usually takes me by surprise, and I often think it's as much to do with being in a mood to be receptive. When I'm in the right mind-set, almost everything is inspiring. I also go through stages where I don't feel inspired at all (and consequently get no work done). Artist friends of mine have said it's the same for them too, but we all agree that those times are usually followed by more energetic productive periods. It's almost like the down time is an important part of the process, where the ideas are percolating away in the background. Having said all that, I'm really enjoying the work of Arthur Dove at the moment.

What makes you laugh?

I think there's so much to laugh about. The funniest things are just to do with the ordinary absurdities of life. Dogs are always good for a laugh. But not clowns.

What music are you listening to?
I don't listen to music much while I work, because I get distracted by it. I prefer to just listen to the sounds of my neighbourhood. When I'm not working, my current winter playlist includes Mike Andrews, The High Llamas, Kurt Vile, Hank Williams, Modern Lovers, Meg Baird, Muslimgauze.

Pics from top down: fresco 1, Collector Bird, Autumn and Lindisfarne.
More pics, interesting info about the pics and curious things: elfine.etsy.com & olivedear.com

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  1. Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing them!