May 6, 2009

Canvasworks : Behind the feather

I saw these beautiful birds on my interwebz travels the other day and thought they were just so quietly striking. I love the colours, the peacefulness, the cleverness. And then I read the titles of each and nearly dropped my mug of earl grey (see below). You know, if you can somehow bring Wal-Mart into the title of a painting of a bird, you have my vote.

Meet Matt, aka mincingmockingbird, the L.A-based artist behind the brush behind the feathers. Here's a bit about him..

What gets you in a creative mood? Silence and Diet Coke.
What makes you laugh? Nothing makes me laugh more than my fiancee, The Frantic Meerkat.
Why birds? No other animal lends itself so readily to painting.

Clockwise from top left: In This Poignant Moment Of Finality, The Vibration Of Atoms Sounds Like Singing; Listen, If We Could Be Serious For A Moment, I Think I Have Been Shot; I Have Seen The Interiors Of Cloud Formations That Make Your Cathedrals Look Like Wal-Marts and He Thinks My Sudden And Terrifying Mood Swings Are Kinda Cute.

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