May 25, 2009

Glazedware : Alive with age

How much fun would an architect have had a couple thousand years ago. They'd spend their time outdoing every other elaborate designer in town with baroque touches in every corner, crazy gargoyles and stunning, stunning, tiles. Fun times my friends.

Zavisa has a gorgeous range of photos on his flickr photostream. The Portuguese tiles (above and below) caught my eye straight away. These painted, tin-glazed tiles are called Azulejo; they're found on the walls, floors and ceilings of churches, palaces, houses and train stations. I think they're beautiful.

I asked Zavisa why he likes them so much...

First they are imperfect. If you check carefully, even if they were built in an industrial process, they never seem 100% equal.

Secondly, their surface and glazing shows signs of time - they've been consumed by years and probably sun and rain. They are simply alive. Old and alive.

Finally, they are always different. You will never see two equal patterns in a street. To be honest, after walking and riding a scooter for days, I never saw two identical patterns in the whole time I was in Lisbon.

What are you reading? Psychology and Alchemy, a fascinating book by Jung. Symbols and numbers. And then I start seeing the beauty of these patterns in a completely different way...

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