May 29, 2009

Birdsong : Sonic resonance

There are a few things we may never know. Like why there are 17,928 baristas in Sydney, and only 4 of them can make a good coffee. Or why the French got 99% of the world's cool genes. And while you're there, you can riddle me this: why are there so many illustrations about birds? Is it just because they're cute? Kittens are cute. Is there something universal about them? Ah, hello, dogs have that crown. Or is there a fluidity of movement (such a special phrase) that captures the eye of artists and art lovers alike? Who knows. All I know is I love birds. Not the ones that crap on the newspaper after at lunch, splashing black onto my new jumper (yes, black. I didn't ask). But the ones like the dudes above and below by Shuxin / Sound Revolution.

Here's a bit of interestingness about the lovely Shuxin...

I am a graphic designer and illustrator from southern of China, but now I am living in Melbourne as a freelance artist. Before I came to Australia, I finished my master course of graphic design in Edinburgh, UK. Those different experiences of study and life, that make my mind open to different world visions, and nourishes itself with the richness of different people and ways of life.

Materials and textures intrigue me and I have an almost obsessive need to create... I started my own project in 2005 while in the UK. It's called “Sound Revolution” which was inspired by the conflicting and harmonious relationships the urban environment has with the natural world.

I love nature, I like birds and their songs, so I want to use my art work to express to my audience not only a sonic experience but also my own self-identity as a channel by which to encode this sonic resonance.

I think visual communication is the most direct method to deliver a message and communicate with people. To express the meaning of sound through the designer’s perception is to let people use their eyes to feel how the sound influences their emotions directly. I really hope my clients are able to feel a natural and unique beauty and serenity from my artworks.

And who doesn't like a reindeer on a Friday? (Do you think it's lost?)

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