May 20, 2009

Snapshot : An introverted breakfast

Today is cold and wet and I have far too much to do. I would rather be making soup and watching a few Clooney DVDs. It seems setting up a business where you tap on a keyboard from home in your velour takes a lot of organisation, which I've been putting off for weeks but have decided to attack all at once. When, oh when, will I learn? Happily I discovered these wonderfully elaborate answers by Photoslinger this morning in my inbox. He's made my day and it's hardly begun...

How did you become a photographer?
My parents have always been artistic in some kind of way. My father is the photographer (mostly landscape and family shots, but always trying to get the perfect picture), my mother the painter/writer. Both amateur. It probably runs in the family. We are all kind of introverted people with a lot going on in our minds, I guess it's a way to get people interested in you without using the verbal language. Nothing unusual I guess.

I did quite a lot of painting as a kid, but quit when I got older. I tried to write some poetry but it showed more of me than I would like to. I have been doing some instrumental music production, but I am not patient enough to make entire songs. Anyway, I ended up buying a digital SLR camera last year. Since then, I haven't really stopped taking pictures and trying to improve my skills (composition-wise but also my post-processing skills, it somehow stimulates the same part of the brain that I used for painting). I am not always patient, I guess digital photography is the perfect medium for me since it's so fast (and with flickr it's very easy to let many people see what you do). I usually see something that I want to remember or that evokes an imaginary scene, I quickly take a picture and post-process it later when I have time.

I am deeply influenced by movies, I have seen so many of them. It looks more real than painting, but still isn't reality. Right now I am on a learning curve, I am not really trying to have a definite style. There is a lot of night/dark stuff in my photostream but I want more colours. I don't really like the idea that all my shots are dark, I do like colours! That's where I am at.

What subjects do you like to photograph?
- Landscapes, although I have been living in the Netherlands for a few years and can't seem to know how to capture what I'd usually call a landscape (it's more of a flat manscape).
- Architecture, whether it's modern or falling apart.
- Moody atmospheric scenes, although I am not sure whether that's a proper category.

What would you like to photograph?
I'd like to do some street photography. There are no people in my shots but I am not very happy with that (I have some good ones of my girlfriend but am not allowed to post them!). I am also very interested in studio lighting because of the control you get but I don't see that happening anytime soon. It would be a good way to get some of the cinematic shots I am aspiring to though!

Pics from top to bottom: Before breakfast, Le petit dej' and This way up.

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