May 5, 2009

Snapshot : Moody frames

My outlook has taken on a slight shade of grey this morning. It's raining, cold, I have the flu and I just found out a friend's dog had to be put down last night. As the mum of a divine staffie X myself, this brings me too close to tears. So I've put Alicia Keys on, wrapped up a big scarf and decided to go the moody route with my choice of pics.

Christie Lyon is an artist who works with all sorts of materials to create the perfect piece. But it's her photos I'm drawn to. The shots above somehow look mysterious, cheeky and thought provoking at the same time. Love 'em. Here's a bit more about Christie...

What gets you in a creative mood? It's inexplicable! I'll see something, maybe just a combination of two colours, and it inspires me. I never know when it's going to occur, but I know that I am happiest when it is happening!

What's been your biggest highlight so far? The highlights are any time a customer tells me that my art touched them in some way. Customers have told me stories of childhood memories, love, children, friendships and more. I think I remember every single one of those stories. I like knowing that my art has meaning for them.

Who is your favourite artist? Giuseppe Arcimboldo. His portraits are beyond amazing!

What are you reading? I enjoy reading about various sciences and philosophy. I'm currently reading a wonderful book written by a friend of mine: "Peace: A World History" by Antony Adolf.

Clockwise from top left: Sunset Palm, The Guardian, Powerful and Pining Away.

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