May 13, 2009

Snapshot : Stories in mono

Simple can be perfect. Sad can be beautiful. I love how black and white tells a story. It tells a whole lot more than colour sometimes, because magical details come to life that would otherwise be shadowed by a sea of distracting brights. Isn't that what life is about? Some days the colour fades a little, or a lot, and our perspective shifts with it, bringing in a whole new outlook we'd never tried before.

Meet Ken, a Boston-based photographer I discovered in the interwebs last week (an amateur believe it or not)...

I like photography because I can obtain visual and spiritual satisfaction through pictures. The black and white, as well as the coloured photos can provide dissimilar images and memories unable to be seen with the naked eye. Also, I and many other photographic amateurs are the same, we enjoy using the camera and the process of turning films into hard copies of images.

I mostly photograph at home and around my neighbourhood. I frequently browse through outstanding photos in bookstores and on the internet, whatever that captures my eyes will give me inspiration and imagination.

Pics clockwise from top left: *, Running in Raining, * and Bicycle.
(That may have been more confusing than informative, however that's how it is peeps. You'll just have to check out Kentoku's pics at flickr to see the other cute titles he gives pics.)

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