May 4, 2009

Snaphot : Best monday ever

Happy monday lovlies! I hope you're enjoying your morning as much as I am. First monday freelancing, and I'm beyond busy... and busting with excitement! My home office is coming along rather nicely, thanks for asking. It's feeling comfy and looking pretty and organised. Almost.

What better way to kick of a week than a whole bunch of cherry blossoms delivered to your door. You can almost smell their sweet beauty. Ahhh. I was so excited when I discovered Lauri's pics. What a beautiful talent. Here's a bit more about her.

What gets you in a creative mood? Browsing Flickr or reading other blogs always seems to get my ideas coming. A rainy day does too.
What do you play in the background while you work? I play re-runs of shows, like Lost or Survivor, or sometimes I'll just play a movie.
Favourite artist? James Tissot. I love his paintings of fashionable women.
Favorite author? Charlotte Bronte. I just love Jane Eyre and read it over and over.

Above: Ranch Exit
Top: Collection of blossom pics from here

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  1. Thanks so much! It's fun to see what photos you picked, and they look so lovely together. Spring is full bloom here, and everyday I'm driving around trying to find beautiful shots.

    Have a wonderful week!