May 15, 2009

Snapshot : Desolate beauties

Soon, dear readers, Gemini season starts. Next Thursday in fact. How do I know? Because I was born right on the Taurus-Gemini cusp. What does that make me? Weird.

Geminis like opposites. We're twins after all (though some of us have waaaay more than two personalities to deal with). We like dark and light, pink and brown, marshmallow and toffee, bert and ernie... We're a bit childish, but lively and smart. A little inconsistent, but completely versatile and the best laugh ever. And we're sensitive. Which means yes, we can get cranky easily, but we also notice subtleties like no-one else.

Flowers bloom in desolate places (Mandalay's words, not mine), and I think flowers that bloom in between cracks of cement look the prettiest. Sure, fields of tulips are amazing, but one flower amongst a sea of grey adds a fragility to an already tiny life. How did I get onto all of this? Check out the orange playground horse above. It's the most fun a four year old could have without chocolate chips, but look how sad it looks. It has no friends, it's stuck there and it doesn't even have anything pretty to look at.

I love these pics by Ze (aka zenog). They're beautiful and sad and a little tragic. Here's a bit about him...

Where is your favourite place to take photos? I take most of my photos in the Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro. I walk almost every day, finding treasures as I go...

What gets you in a creative mood? I'm excited when I see a special light or I find something very interesting on the ground of the garden.

Cheers y'all. Thanks Ze. And happy Friday.

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