May 12, 2009

Kidsplay : A rush of colour

You've caught me in a good mood. I have a new laptop (my first mac, so excitement), the sun is out, Madeleine Peyroux is singing sweetly (through the speakers of said new laptop, of course), I've just devoured a pack of peanut butter m&m's and the art prints I've found for today's post are so brilliantly citrus-bright and fun... there really is nothing else to feel but delight.

The lovely Helen (aka zukzuk, originally from NZ, currently residing in Canada), has an etsy shop full of beautiful children's prints that would brighten up any home. I especially love the masked bear above, it reminds me of the look my dog gives me when trying to sneak off somewhere she shouldn't. Anyhoo, here's a bit about Helen...

What and who inspires your designs?
I keep my eyes open and when I see something I like I try to make a mental note. I have ideas coming to me when I'm lying in bed and I enjoy checking out blogs and being inspired by artists who are way more accomplished than I am. I love being surrounded by nature - this time of year (spring in Canada) is a wondrous and very inspirational season. The uncontrolled vitality of life rushing forth is mesmerizing.

What makes you laugh?
Lately, Flight of the Conchords.

What are you reading?
Heidegger's "Being and Time." I'm just kidding, I can't remember the title, it's "101 nature activities for your child" or something like that.

What are you listening to as you create?
I have been enjoying revisiting the Sesame Street classics! I have a 4 year old son... so that means... 5 grey hairs per year x 4 years = 20 grey hairs, at least!!

Check out for the whole shop. Want to win stuff? Helen's giving away goodies right here:

Pics above: (clockwise from top left) Birdabies, Masked Bear, Sugardrop Baby and Love Train

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