May 7, 2009

Cardtherapy : Chillin' up north

Anyone who hails from Canada, lives in Canada or has been there and raves about it is an instant friend. I was born in Toronto a few years back and although I've been in Sydney most of my life, (with a bit of Melbourne and Detroit thrown in for fun), I still know how to throw an 'eh' into any conversation. The only thing is I can't ski and I'm no good in the cold. And by no good I mean completely useless. I know, I know, it's really letting the team down, but I love snow and watching people skate on outdoor rinks and the flamboyant way they cover anything stationary with lights at Christmas. So I obsess from a distance. This is my fate.

Happy was the day I discovered the cards above by Katie Muth, a Toronto-based artist, illustrator and print maker. Ain't they too cute? She also makes pencil cups, journals and greeting cards inspired by the Victorian wrought iron fences of Sydney - in the most stunning colours. I love her originality. Here's a bit more about her...

What gets you in a creative mood? Unfortunately: deadlines! But I've learned to accept this fact, and enjoy being creative in these frantic spurts.

What's your favourite subject to draw? Lots of subjects catch my attention: Nature is a huge inspiration; patterns, human connection, fun things to do... but what I am most satisfied by is when I'm able to really capture a moment, and take the viewer to that place in time.

What's your biggest craving? Well, I've been on a crazy diet recently that doesn't allow booze or sweets, so that's the first thing that comes to mind! But long term I'd say to be surrounded by beauty ~ flowers, colour, nice art.

Cards above clockwise from top left: mix tape, baby foot, girl with skates and wedding birds.

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